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Amazing Journey


There are some great places to find a piece of Lake County's amazing geology to take home! However, rock collectors should be aware of rules, regulations and land ownership before collecting. Some areas require permits- even on public lands- and there may be fees associated. Check with local rock shops, as well as federal land agencies like the Lakeview District of the Bureau of Land Management or the Fremont Winema National Forest, to learn about areas for rock collecting and rules and regulations.

North Lake County

Fort Rock- Silver Lake- Lost Forest- Crack in the Ground- Hole in the Ground- Sand Dunes- Fossil Lake- Derick Cave- The Devils Garden- The Blowouts- Winter Rim- Picture Rock- Mitchell Cave- Sycan Marsh- Carlon Village- Dead Indian Ridge

Drews & Quarts Mountain

Palisades in the Gearhart Wilderness Area- Petroglyphs at Sprague River Park- Mitchell Monument Historic Site.

Warner Valley

Poker Jim Ridge- North Warner Viewpoint- Hart Mountain- Hot Springs on Hart Mountain- Petroglyph Lake- Long Lake- Sunstone Collection Area- Doherty Slide- Beaty Butte Pothole & Petroglyphs- Plush Cave- Deep Creak Falls- Crump Lake- Hart Lake/ Wetlands- Narrows- Crump Geyser.

Paisley & Summer Lake

Summer Lake Hot Springs- Paisley Caves- Winter Rim- Picture Rock- Fremont Point- Slide Mountain- The Diablos(mountains that change colors)- Connelly Hills- Abert Rim- Coglen Buttes-Chewaucan River.

Goose Lake Valley

Goose Lake- Crane Mountain- Thundereggs- Old Perpetual Geyser- Hunter Hot Springs- Black Cap.

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